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Nothing is impossible if God will.

I Am...

I am currently a student of master degree, living in Jakarta. Trying to upgrade my way of thinking is a way to be wiser. Here I just try to share what i have experienced in this life. Hope you who do not experience the same thing as me still can get the lessons and take the wisdom.

During the week, I am a student. I spend my time in my campus to study and my rent room to take a rest and relax.

Balance is important to me. At the weekend, I like to chill out on my bed, read a good book, watch a drama or movie or go out to a mall just to have lunch. 

I Like...
1) My family
2) My books
3) Every stuff i made with my hand
4) Every writing I write
5) Watching good drama/movie
6) Lemon tea ice
7) Lychee
8) Coconut water

I Appreciate When...
1) I meet someone who can respect me so we can respect each other
2) Someone does not mess with my stuffs. Do not ever try to move my stuff because i will know if you did it!

I am attracted to...
Intelligent, creative, humorous and kind person


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