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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Good Night Story 2

Selamat datang di posting hari ini. Saya kembali berbagi good night story ya readers. Kali ini saya akan menuliskan sebuah good night story yang saya terima pada tanggal 21 Januari 2018. Buat kamu yang belum membaca good night story 1, silahkan baca di posting saya yang sebelumnya. :)

Yuk simak!

Once upon a time there was a young girl, who was living with her mother in a small house on the outside the big city. She worked in a small shoe factory in the big city. So the young girl had to travel 40 km from her house to the factory. She didn't have much friends. But there was another girl, who was the daughter of the factory owner. She often visited the workers to see how shoes are made. The poor girl from the little house saw the rich girl every time she entered the factory. She always had expensive clothes but looked very sad.

When the poor girl saw the rich girl her heart felt some sadness. She wondered, that such a rich girl could be sad. One day she just went to the rich girl and asked, why is she so sad? The rich girl looked in her eyes and said that her mother was very ill and she shall die soon. The rich girl started crying than the poor girl hugged her and said to the rich girl she should not cry, God shall save her mother.

The rich girl said that she don't believe in God since he took her younger brother 4 years ago. Then the poor girl hugged the rich girl and said that god is merciful and shall help to her mother.

In the afternoon when she was at home, the poor girl said the story of the rich girl to her mother. The mother kissed her daughter on the forehead and said to the poor girl she should give something to the rich girl. She took a red cloth from the closet and gave it to the poor girl.

"Take this red cloth and bring it to the rich girl tomorrow. Tell her to put it on the head of her mother and ask god for forgiveness."

On the next day the poor girl made what her mother said to her. At first the rich girl didn't want to put the cloth on her head, but then she saw the sad eyes of the poor girl and put the cloth. Then she closed her eyes and started talking to God.

At once she started crying. The poor girl said a prayer too. In 2 minutes the rich girl thanked to the poor girl and said she shall go straight to her sick mother. In the next days the rich girl didn't come in the factory. And at the end of the week she came and looked so happy. She went to the poor girl, gave her the red cloth and kissed her forehead.

"This is a kiss, that my mum told me to give to you. She is healthy and we are so happy."

At the afternoon, when the poor girl was at home, she said about the rich girl's mother and that she was healthy again.

"Mother, what is this red cloth, did it heal the mother of the rich girl?"

 "No, my child, its just a red cloth. The faith in God saved the life of the rich girl's mother. True faith can heal wounds and save lives."

Then the mother of the poor girl kissed her face and hugged her stronger than ever.

Kalimat yang saya beri warna biru itu maknanya bagus. Setuju? Bagaimana menurut kalian good night story yang ini?


Credit to Georgi Mandajiev


  1. Btw, bikin kayak notes gitu isi tulisan padahal bukan gambar gimana caranya?


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