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Monday, February 12, 2018

English Conversation Strategy #8: Conversation Sounds

Uh-huh means "Yes," "That's right," or "I'm listening."
Oh shows you're surprised, happy, or angry.
Uh-huh bisa berarti ya, itu benar, atau pertanda bahwa kamu sedang mendengarkan lawan bicaramu. Sementara Oh merupakan reaksi terhadap lawan bicara yang menunjukkan bahwa kamu terkejut, gembira atau marah.


A. I have to go shopping this weekend.
B. Uh-huh
A. I want to buy a new camera.
B. Oh, cool!

A. You have some money with you, right?
B. Let's see... I have about ten dollars.
A. Oh, good! Can I borrow 5 dollars?
B. Oh, not again!

Source: Touchstone

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