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Monday, February 19, 2018

Good Night Story 3

Semalam, 18 Februari 2018 saya kembali menerima sebuah good night story. Yay! Tapi kisahnya sungguh sedih. Dan saya pun terlelap sebelum selesai membaca. :(

Yuk simak!
Once upon a time there was a family - mum, dad and a little son, who lived on the city edge. They had a beautiful small house. In the yard of the house was a big cherry tree. The father was a doctor and went every day to the local hospital for work. The mum stayed home and took care for the house. The 8 years old son was a schoolboy in the local school. They lived a happy life and everyone was happy.

One summer Sunday the family decided to make a barbecue in the yard. The father stood up early in the morning and mowed the grass. The mum and the son woke up at 9 o'clock. They all prepared the grill and at around 11 o'clock started cooking the barbecue.

The cherry tree was covered with big red cherries. So the son climbed the tree and started picking the ripe cherries. While he was at the top of the tree he saw a bird nest there. He said loud to his parents that there was a nest. The father said that he should let it. The mother was more excited and asked the boy if the nest was empty. The boy looked inside the nest and saw 3 little white eggs. He said to his mum and dad that there were eggs. And both of them said that he should let them. After that they had a really pleasant feast in the garden.

In the next day the boy climbed from time to time the tree and looked the eggs. One day he noticed, that 2 little black birds watch over the eggs. His mum said to him, he shouldn't touch the eggs, because their parents would leave them, if they small like human.

One day the mother was ironing the clothes and then suddenly she got dizzy and almost fall down. But the father caught her and brought her to the bed. He checked her, as he was a doctor and decided to take her to the hospital on the next day. The dad came back alone from the hospital on the next day and said to the boy that his mother should stay there. The boy asked if his mum was sick. The dad took his hand and said that his mum was very-very sick and they should pray to God that she gets better again.

The mother had brain cancer. She was  already progressing. In the next days the father took the son to the hospital to see his mother. She was very weak and talked slowly. Once the son came closer to her bed she gave him a necklace with a tiny bird on it.

One day the boy climbed the tree and took one of the 3 eggs with him. In the house he put it in a tiny box. On the next day there was a hail falling from the sky. It was so big, that it destroyed the bird nest and the eggs got broken. It was so big that it destroyed the bird nest and the eggs got broken. At this time he was wearing his mum necklace on his neck. While climbing back down the necklace stuck on a little branch of the tree. The boy was sad, so he didn't noticed it.

One Monday morning the phone was ringing very early. The dad answered. At once his voice got whiny and he started crying. After the conversation he hugged his son and said to him that his mum wasn't alive anymore. At once he remembered his mothers words not to touch the eggs in the bird nest because the birds would leave them. He took the egg from the little box, run out and started making a nest of leaves.

A day ago he did noticed, that the necklace his mum gave him wasn't on his neck. As his mum died he got very very sad about losing his mum and her necklace. So he made a new nest, put the egg inside and climbed to the branch where the birds nest was. It was destroyed. So the  boy repaired it and put the last egg in it. They brought his mum to the cemetery on the next morning. The boy didn't go to school so he stayed at home and cried all the afternoon in his bed.

Two days later he was in the garden. So he saw that the black birds was flying around the new nest. He climbed the tree and saw a little bird inside. A little bird did hatched from the egg he brought back in the nest. But he noticed something more. His mum's necklace was hanging on a little branch nearby the nest. He took it, climbed down and went in the house. He kept the necklace in the box where he kept the egg. He never took an egg from a nest anymore and promised himself never to forget his mum's love to him. End.


Credit to Georgi Mandajiev

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