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Friday, March 2, 2018

Good Night Story 4

Halo! Ada yang kangen good night story yang saya posting? Jangan khawatir, kali ini saya kembali posting sebuah good night story. Semoga bisa menjadi sebuah cerita yang menarik buat dibaca ya Readers! :)

Yuk simak!
Once upon a time there was a big happy family, dad, mum, 5 sisters and their younger brother. After giving birth to 5 girls the mother actually decided not to have more children. But while she was walking outside she saw all the young boys playing football or just running around and her heart got excited again and again. So she went to her mother and asked for help to get a boy. 

The mother listened very good to her daughter and said, that if she wanted to have a baby boy she must eat only meat for one week. The woman didn't think a lot about that and just followed her mothers advise. So she said to her husband, that she needed to eat meat every day. But at that time her husband didn't get good money. So he couldn't buy meat every day. But the family had 3 strong and beautiful rooster (male chicken). They were all 1 year old, very strong and their feather were shining like the sun. 

The father loved the male chicken like his own children. But as his wife said to him, that she needed to eat meat for to get male child he decided to sacrificed one of the male chicken. So he killed it and the woman cooked a soup. But they didn't have a fridge, so they ate all of the meat in 2 days and the father needed to kill the second chicken. So to the end of the week they slaughtered all 3 birds. 

After one month the woman got pregnant again. As it was long time ago they didn't have the opportunity to find out the gender of the child before the baby was born. Nine months later she gave a birth to a baby boy. They called it after the mother's dad name, Atila. While he was growing he didn't let anyone to bother his sisters. As for being brave and strong like the male chicken his dad sacrificed people called him glory boy.


Credit to Georgi Mandajiev

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