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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


By Reana

What is Dandelion?
It is a complex virus program that always transform. Greatly, the infected area is not machine but human heart.
How come? Who is the creator? Who are the victims? What is the purpose?

Just read the manga to know the answer!

Dandelion manga by OCHIAI Naoyuki is first published in 2001 by Shogakukan Inc, Tokyo.

Maybe you're not strange when hear the word 'dandelion' because it's the name of flower, right? But you have to know the different meaning in this manga, a virus. It's not an ordinary virus like you often find in the internet connection or PC. It's really a complex virus program that infect the people heart.

When i read the first chapter, it still has many secrets about the virus and who is the creator. The main actor in this story is Daigo, the third class of senior high school student who are infected by the virus. Daigo is a hacker. He get the money by being a hacker. He enjoys it so much and he feels that he doesn't need another thing to do.

When suddenly the virus blossoms in his heart, he can't control himself. He doesn't realize what he does. Yup! He can kill someone in front of him by uncontrol strong power from himself. Btw, the victim of the virus is not only him. Up to now, he is the second victim. and another victim will always increase and appear in front of him.

This is the garden of your mind
Do what you like and identify yourself

(quote from dandelion website)

Actually, he still can't hack to enter the page of Dandelion website. It's so mysterius to know what the content of the page. Beside that, how the virus spreads and infects the people are still big questions.

The story is more complex with appearance of another figures like Hyogo Satada, Kanade Misasagi, and Riko. Hyogo Satada is a stupid police who wants to solve dandelion case. He's not really strong but he has a big courage we must appreciate. Aah maybe sometimes you will laugh when you look at his act.

Kanade Misasagi is Daigo's friend. She's a daughter of a corporation president. She loves Riko so much but it really surprises me about the ending of the first chapter! Do you want to know what is it? Just read it! ^^

I'm still waiting for the next chapter...

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