The Black Swindler (Kurosagi)

There are two kinds of swindler who swind the innocent people without feeling. They are called shirosagi and akasagi. And then what is kurosagi? 

Kurosagi manga is first published in 2004 by Shogakukan Inc, Tokyo. But when I went to a big bookstore in Jakarta, I only found the first chapter. And when I read the front page, it was written that it had just published in 2008 by Level Comics. Yeah... It's too late but it's ok if I still can continue to read the next chapter. Although I can download it in the internet. I just feel that read a book is more enjoyable then read in the monitor. It's so tired!

Ok, continue to the story of hit manga by NATSUHARA Takeshi and artwork by Kuromaru...

A boy, the name is Kurosaki, is the real kurosagi who enjoy his job to swind shirosagi. He does not want to swind another kind people. His motivation is to help the victim to get the money back. There are many case he solved till he find a girl, Yoshikawa Tsurara, who argues his act. One day, the girl realizes that he does not swind her friend but help her to get the money back from the cosmetics corporation. Bad day for the girl is she has to live in an apartement beside him. Yeah... The girl does not know that the owner of the apartement is Kurosaki. Yay!

Kurosaki is suspected by a police officer who handles educated crime. Actually, the police suspects Katsuragi more then Kurosaki. Katsuragi is an old man who always sell the name of shirasagi to Kurosaki. In other word, it can be called that Katsuragi is the mastermind of all. But Kurosaki does not know anything about this. What the secret is that hide from him? What will he do if he knows?

And then what will happen to Kurosaki in the next day? Will he spend his life in the jail or die? 

I am still waiting for the next chapter...

Be patient...

if you want to watch the movie version starred by Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki, it had just released in March 2008. It seems so good. I have not watched it yet. And the series (the same actor and actress) was released previously in 2006.

Just wanna tell to you...
Ah! I am still reading Death Note manga. I bought the 7th chapter yesterday. Yeah... The last chapter sold here. Too late? That's right... The 1st chapter was released in October 2007. Actually, I have already finished watching the movie and anime version. Ho ho so bad...

Greatly, I saw it was arranged in best seller book category in two big bookstores I visited. 

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