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Monday, April 14, 2008

LA, Wait for me!

tomorrow, i have to go to LA. do you no what is it? it's not in USA but still in Indonesia. the abbreviation is Lenteng Agung :).

i have to follow several activities (it sounds like training) for 2 weeks.
not only me go there but my friends too like rosi and qurro (new comer in my house).

actually, LA is not too far... it only needs 15 minutes by KRL (electrical train in Indonesia). but i have to prepare myself from early in the morning. not like usual. hehe

maybe i will come home in the evening. tired? of course i think...
but the show must go on...
yeah... just enjoy it!
this is my life. life is choice, right?
don't ever regret with your choice!
nothing but there's consequence i have to approve.
hmm... what i say... :)