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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Death Note Manga

Death Note manga by Tsugumi Ohba and artwork by Takeshi Obata is a hit manga that is very cool I think. I enjoy the movie and the anime version. Although there are some differences between the movie and the manga but it doesn't change the main plot. The movie version is ended by Light Yagami's death, a different way of dying but it's more touching I think.

Surely, the story in manga is more complete and clearer. If you want to understand the story, please read the manga. You will never ask someone beside you when you watch the movie. Yeah it's true! ^-^

But I feel that Light is more inhuman in manga. It really visibles that Light doesn't need a girl. I mean he doesn't love his girlfriend. In the movie, at the beginning he has a girlfriend although finally he sacrifices her (so harsh Light!). But I can accept that if Light doesn't get the death note maybe he will not be like that.

One thing I don't want it happen in the manga is L's death. I really love him. So, I love the movie so much. L wins against Kira :D

Yeah, it's too fast to see L's death. And his death is so easy. I don't like it. Then the story after L's death is not interesting anymore to me. M (mello) and N (near) are not as good as L 's act. I don't know if you agree with me or not. It's only my private opinion.

About the Light's death, I see that it's painful so much.

Ah! There's a ridiculous thing about Tsugumi Ohba like written in the second chapter and Weekly Shonen Jump 10th ed, 2004. He said, " May or not i draw shinigami (death god)? Wouldn't get a curse, right? I keep drawing him with full fear feeling."

Just my opinion, maybe shinigami is really exist in japanese people's belief but it's different with my belief. So, i hope you understand to what I said. Peace!

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