I am Looking Forward to vs I Look Forward to

Hai Sobat! Kali ini saya bahas sedikit tentang looking forward to vs look forward to. Sama tidak sih sebenarnya? Sekilas sama tapi penggunaannya berbeda. Grammarnya juga sudah beda ya.

Gara-gara apa jadi bahas ini? Biasa sobat, percakapan.

Dia: Maybe in a month or so will be ready.
Saya: Ok. I am looking forward to it.
Dia: Me too

Setelah itu kok saya jadi tidak pede benar tidak saya pakai i am looking forward to it. Tapi dia balas me too berarti benar. Jadilah cek kamus.

Looking forward to

Looking forward to something is to feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen. Istilah bahasa Indonesianya tak sabar menunggu.

Looking forward to + v-ing 
I am looking forward to seeing you.

Looking forward to + noun
I am looking forward to my holiday

Look forward to

Look forward to (v-ing) is formal used at the end of a formal letter to say you hope to hear from or see someone soon or that you expect something from them.

Ex: I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Look forward to digunakan biasanya di surat resmi sebagai kalimat akhir. Sering baca kan?

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